How To Layoff An Employee

How To Layoff An Employee One of the less liked aspects of working in HR is terminating or laying off employees. While terminations don’t happen often and, in some cases, can be avoidable, layoffs tend to be driven by the needs of the business. Since globalization and social media have given us all the ability to harness unlimited information in the palm of our hands via cell phones, employers cannot afford to get layoffs wrong. Especially bad are those layoffs via text stories. What happens w

Boomerang Employees

Several years ago, while attending a work function for an employee resource group I was a member of, a speaker mentioned that you must sometimes leave your employer to see a significant pay increase and then come back. While it may seem shocking for some, more and more employers are seeing boomerang employees or returning employees. Why do employees leave in the first place? Employees leave for different reasons – whether they’re trying to escape a toxic environment, or a job opportunity was o

How to Onboard a New Employee

How to Onboard a New Employee You’ve made the offer and they’ve accepted. Great! You consider this a job well done. But wait? The job isn’t done. How do you plan to onboard them? Successfully onboarding your new employee ensures they’re able to quickly imbed themselves into the culture of the company while productively fulfilling the duties of their role. Whether you have a stellar onboarding process or you’re still wondering what onboarding is, there’s always room for improvement. I’d like t

How to Recruit the Recruiter

How to Recruit the Recruiter Recruiting recruiters is a huge challenge right now. They are in exceedingly high demand right now. A quick search for recruiter openings on various job boards yields: And these results are only for “recruiter” and not the other titles that are often used like talent acquisition specialist, talent consultant, headhunter, and more. The pandemic caused a perfect storm for recruiting. Companies were forced to downsize while others placed freezes on hiring. HR profess

How to Optimize Your Recruitment Funnel

How to Optimize Your Recruitment Funnel The employment market looks much different today than it did a year ago. It’s a candidate’s market and the employer that provides the best candidate experience while remaining agile is in the best position to win. The goal of a recruitment funnel is to find the best hire in a large candidate pool. Here are a few tips to perfect your recruitment funnel. Be clear on what’s included in your recruitment funnel. Your funnel can be as long or short as you wi